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The 10 Most Important Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

The 10 Most Important Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

Car accidents are an incredibly stressful experience that may cause an initial state of shock, especially if you were injured or your vehicle was damaged in the process. The shock may lead to panic and sensations of not knowing what to do next. Luckily, the team at Law Offices of Fred Tromberg has your back and is here to help. Review these ten steps to take following a car collision to ensure you are prepared for any circumstances after that.

1. Stay at the Scene

Staying at the wreck scene might cause anxieties. However, it is illegal to drive away from a collision after one occurs. No matter how minor or significant the wreck is, you are required to stand by and take care of business with the other parties involved.

2. Take Proper Precautions

Sometimes wrecks leave your vehicle stranded in dangerous positions along the road. If it is feasible, move your car to the side of the road and out of the way of oncoming traffic. When it isn’t a possibility, remember to put on your hazards.

3. Dial 911

If someone was injured, 911 needs to be called to ensure an ambulance is on the way. Even if no injuries were sustained, someone has to call so law enforcement can arrive at the scene to provide a formal police report of the incident.

4. Give Law Enforcement your Statement

In as explicit detail as possible, tell your side of the story of the wreck. Include as much information as you can, but do your best to avoid speculation or emotionally charged versions of the story. Please do your best to tell cold hard facts as you perceived them to happen.

5. Take Photos

Take out your phone and take as many pictures of the scene as you can. This should include your surroundings, the other party’s vehicle, and every angle of your car that you can take. This will help create a solid case in your claim.

6. Exchange Information

Gather the names, insurance, and contact information for everyone involved in the collision. Additionally, it can be crucial to get contact information from eyewitnesses if possible.

7. Talk to Your Insurance Provider

Call your insurance company and give them every bit of information that you have collected. Insurance companies can sometimes be tricky to manage, so it is vital to provide them with more than needed to prove what has happened.

8. Get Medical Help

Obviously, if injuries immediately present themself after the collision, this should be the first step. However, in many car accidents, injuries take time to become apparent. If you have any reason to suspect something is wrong, go to your doctor’s office right away and get the medical attention you need.

9. Keep Everything Organized

A lot of paperwork has to be filed when you are in a car wreck, and many of them are from different places. You will need to provide documents from the expenses you incur at the scene, receipts from rental cars, insurance paperwork, medical bills, etc.

10. Protect Your Rights

In many cases, this final step is one of the most important. Our team of attorneys is devoted to proving the negligence or intentional acts of another person or business. If you or someone you care about has been harmed due to any negligent or deliberate action, you may be entitled to recover from the responsible party. Our office has over 40 years of experience in getting victims the justice they deserve. Call us now.

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